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Terms of use

1) Names
a. All the rules in this topic extend to all types of name input (char name, guild/clan name, Pokémon nicknames, etc).
b. Names with insults, any form of prejudice, racism, xenophobia, double meanings referring to content for people over 18 or any other name that may offend other players.
c. Names containing snippets of sentences, badly formatted words, or meaningless letter combinations.
d. Names that express political or religious opinions or that contain illegal advertising.
e. Names that imply or incite violation of the PSoul Rules.
f. Names that quote or look like team members or try to impersonate them.
g. Names that spam the game.

2) Declarations, Messages and Chat
a. Keep respect above all else, regardless of whether you were a victim or not, respect is the best way to resolve things.
b. Do not share information from third parties without their consent.
c. The practice of spam/flood on our channels is strictly prohibited.
d. Any kind of disrespect (hate speech, racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.) is totally prohibited, either directly or indirectly. Crude terminology (calling it "cancer" or practicing suicide jokes also fall under this rule).
e. Religious or political messages are not allowed, even if you are talking peacefully or expressing your opinion.
f. Harassment of any kind is prohibited.
g. It is not allowed within our community and the game any subject for over 18 years.
h. It is not allowed to advertise other servers, websites, other games or anything that is not related to PSoul.
i. Statements that cite or encourage violation of server rules.
j. Misuse of Public Channels (Game-chat to chat, Trade to negotiate and Help for questions).

3) Cheating and Bug Abuse
a. Any type of bot, macro, auto-click or any tool or software that performs automated, repetitive and pre-defined tasks or that replaces human user behavior is not allowed.
b. No tools or software that alter the functionality of the game are allowed.
c. It is not allowed to use bugs and/or glitches for one's own benefit, they must be reported to the Staff.
d. Knowledge of bugs and/or glitches, even if not used by you and not reported, makes you conniving, even if you don't use them, and can be punished as well.
e. Intentionally abusing game weaknesses is prohibited.
f. It is prohibited to attempt or steal data from an account belonging to another player.
g. It is not allowed to make any type of barrier (trap) to prevent the passage of those who want to hunt inside any city or exit/entry hunting areas.
h. It is not allowed to throw items too much into the same SQM with the intention of robbing someone or even debug the other player's client.
i. It is not allowed to use or take advantage of Bugs to kill, level, steal, or any eventuality on the server.

4) Accounts and Characters
a. Account sharing is not prohibited, but it is the player's sole responsibility to bear the problems that this practice may cause.
b. Players who were banned, will have all other chars accessed by that IP banned too, regardless of whether you own the account or not.
c. Loss of items, Pokémon or anything else will not be refunded if account sharing is identified.
d. Accounts with more than 180 days of non-use can be permanently deleted if the team deems it necessary.
e. Migration between worlds is not an obligation of the team, even if your current world will be closed.

5) Teams and Collaborators
a. Threatening or offending a team member or collaborator in response to their actions as such in their role.
b. Pretending to be a gamemaster or trying to influence your decisions.
c. Intentionally providing wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster during their investigations, or making false reports about alleged violations of the Rules.
d. It is not allowed to insult any member of our team or collaborators, both in public chats and in private chats.
e. It is not allowed any kind of misrepresentation and/or impersonating any member of the Staff. This could result in a permanent ban.

6) Game and Server
a. The game development team has the power to modify, change, add or delete any part of the game, community, website, etc.
b. The servers and services can be closed by our Staff at any time, either for maintenance or any other reason if it deems necessary, with or without prior notice.

7) Houses
a. You have full responsibility for who has access to no, so be careful who you invite.
b. You must be aware of paying rent and VIP maintenance to maintain your home, otherwise you will be evicted.
c. It is not allowed to form obscene/unlawful drawings or phrases with items inside the houses.

8) KS and Power Abuse
a. KS practice with more than 1 player (x to 1) is totally prohibited.
b. Power Abuse is not allowed, so higher level players should not chase lower level players.
c. Hunts such as culverts and locations near beginner towns are preferred by beginners, higher level players harassing beginners in these locations may be punished.
d. Players who take such actions generally follow the following punishment table: 1) Warning (depending on the severity of the KS). 2) Suspension of 7 days. 3) Permanent banishment of the character.
e. Any other type of KS is not allowed.
f. Monopoly hunting is strictly prohibited, whether on more than one account or more than one guild member. Other players should also have a chance to take advantage of the respawn as well.

9) Sales and Exchanges
a. The exchange/sale of items/Pokémon on PSoul for other games (TW) is completely prohibited.
b. Exchanging/selling PSoul items for real money or any other currency, whether physical or virtual, is not allowed.
c. Sale/exchange for extra game stuff is not allowed.
d. Players who practice SCAM (cheating/stealing other people) for the purpose of stealing will be punished with a permanent ban if proven.
e. All in-game payments refer to donations, so that we can bear the expenses of keeping the game online and always be investing in promotion and news, so there is no refund of any amount donated to the game.
f. Contributing with donations does not free you from any of the rules, players who donated and players who donated will have the same privileges and will be punished in the same way.
g. It is not allowed to attempt bribery for the purpose of mitigating punishment or any other matter of that kind.

10) Complaints
a. No false reports/allegations are allowed to any staff member or collaborator.
b. Having knowledge of infractions of any of the rules and not making the report makes you conniving, therefore, able to be punished for the same reason.
c. All tests and logs are managed by the Game Administrator and only he has access to such information, it is his option to share it or not.
d. You are responsible for your reports and when you are not sure about them, you should inform them that you may be wrong.

11) Discord
a. The practice of spam/flood on our channels is strictly prohibited and may result in a mute for those who practice it.
b. Do not bulk mention or tag positions unless it is very urgent.
c. Do not make extreme noises (screaming, blowing, etc.) in voice chats.
d. Use Discord according to the rooms and their topics.

12) Others
a. Publishing any other type of games within the game's official media is prohibited.
b. Disclose links to download third-party files.
c. PSoul does not guarantee full functionality of the systems and their integrations. Losses by the player may occur, whenever you notice instability or receive an alert message, keep your items and characters in safe places.
d. It is not the game's obligation to reimburse anything in case of losses/bugs.
e. These rules can be changed at any time without notice.

Rules are subject to change without notice.
Please read whenever possible.

Clicking on register you will automatically be accepting our Terms of Use.

Create PSoul account

To play Psoul, an MMORPG based on the Pokémon franchise, you must create your account on the game's website, for that you must go to the website and click on “Create Account”. When doing this, some information will be requested and must be properly informed for the account to be created successfully.

This information will be: The name of the account (which must be different from the names already used by players), the account password (which is free from any resemblance to other players), the username that follows the same limitation as the account name and the email that must be one that has NEVER been used to create a Psoul account.

After creating the account, the site will ask the player to create their first character, for which they must enter a character name , which no other player is currently using, and also the character's gender (this influences the look of the outfits in which the player will use). The player will be able to change the name of his character upon payment of five soul coins and as long as the new name chosen is available.

Remember: NO Psoul staff member will ask for your information without it being absolutely necessary, in addition all game staff members are listed on PSoul's discord with their respective positions and their proper functions. If necessary, only the ADM and the GMS will ask for some confidential information from your account.

Come create your account and enjoy all the mechanics and possibilities existing in the Psoul world! Take the first step towards becoming an elite trainer that will leave a mark throughout the game's history!

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