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Download PSoul right now and enjoy our world full of adventures, bring your friends and make the game even more fun! Are you ready to become a Pokémon Trainer?

PSoul Android

Download PSoul for Android
Android7.0 or more
CPU Speed:1Ghz or more
Memory (RAM):3GB or more
Storage:500Mb or more
In case of errors: Close other applications when starting the game.
Use Wifi for better game quality.

PSoul Windows

Download PSoul for PC
OS:Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 e 11
CPU Speed:1Ghz or more
Memory (RAM):1GB or more
Storage:500Mb or more
API Graphics:DirectX 9.0 compatible or OpenGL
Have latest version of .NET Framework or 4.5 higher.
Update all your Video Card drivers.
Driver to run the game, in case of error: click here.
Experiencing problems with the game?

Antivirus: The PSoul Client does not have any type of Virus, but if your Antivirus presents a false alert, we advise you to disable the antivirus during running the game or add the Client in PSoul to the list of trusted applications.

Can't download? In some cases Google Chrome may display a false alert saying that the PSoul Launcher is a malicious file. If this happens, just access the Downloads section (CONTROL + J) and click on "keep file/continue download" to access the Launcher download.

Unauthorized access by Windows: To install/run the game you need Administrator level access on your Windows. : Find the Launcher download file > Right-click on the file > Choose Run as Administrator.

Download PSoul

To play Psoul, an MMORPG based on the Pokémon franchise, you must access the game's official website and go to the Download tab. There you will have all the download options, including PC and Mobile, and all the requirements that are necessary to run the game on your mobile device or computer. In addition, there is a window just below the requirements that helps to solve possible problems with the download of the game.

It is worth mentioning that the game for mobile, at the moment, is ONLY available for ANDROID devices.

Don't worry, any link that the download sends you is 100% safe.

After downloading the game just run the program and the game will be installed on your pc or android. With the game properly installed, just run it to be able to play, as soon as this happens a screen will appear with some options. The first one is “Play Directx”, this is a recommended option for more modern computers; the second is “Play OpenGl” is recommended for computers in general, mainly the older ones.

The Manual Update/Fix option will only be used in urgent cases related to bugs in the game client.

After choosing the option that best suits your machine, the client will check for possible new updates, if necessary an automatic update will happen, if not, You will be directed to the login screen. Here, just enter your account information and log in.

It is worth remembering that the client, just below the login screen, will give you some server options. The most recommended is Psoul (Better), whereas Psoul (Proxy) is recommended for specific cases that depend on the type of internet and location used by the player; the Teste Server is used by Staff members to test new content. Regardless of whether the player is on Better or Proxy, he will remain on the same server as all other players, the only thing that changes is his connection to the game.

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PSoul - Pokémon MMORPG

Download for PC or Android and start your adventure in this immense world of Pokémon today.

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