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The new mechanic present in Psoul (an MMORPG based on the Pokémon franchise) coming from a partnership with the streaming platform Twitch, allows Streamers who use the tag [PSoul] in the titles in their lives during game broadcastsdrop pointsfor your accounts and for the accounts of your views. Players can check on the Psoul website which Streamers are currently online and drop points.

With these points both Streamers and players can withdraw them directly from the game's website andexchange for in-game rewards. Every thirty points the player can exchange for a twitch box on npc Justin who is in the trade center, this box goes to the first bag with space inside the player's inventory. By opening this box the player can win an item within the possible options, some of these are: decoration items for houses based on twitch colors (tables, chairs, lockers, etc...) Pokéball painting tickets based on the League game of Legends (those that can be based on links and champions), paint tickets based on twitch colors and special maps that can be used to capture a rare species of Pokémon, the Unown.

The Unowns are Pokémon based on the letters of the alphabet, in addition to some spelling accents, each of them has a shape and a name taken from the letter in which it represents. In addition, each one of them has a different moveset from the other Unowns and that can have the most varied types and utilities, from damage to healing and support.

Be sure to support your Favorite streamers and also meet new ones through the partnership between Psoul and Twitch! Also don't forget to link your Psoul account to be able to drop points and get special rewards!

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