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Pokemon guild system

In Psoul, an MMORPG based on the Pokémon franchise, you can join your friends, acquaintances and allies in aGuild system!With this you can chat with them, help each other with quests, tournament tactics, dungeon strategies and much more!

For a Guild to be created it must have a name that is not being used by any other Guild, in addition, the player who creates it must have a VIP Account and an amount of Soul Coin (the game's VIP currency).

Within the Guild, the most varied positions can be created, these are limited only by the creativity of Guild members and founders. The only mandatory position is that of Vice Leader, and for this position as many players as the Leader wants can be assigned.

TheLeader has all the commands within the Guild , he can invite and kick players, create and delete roles, promote and remove member roles, change players' Guild nicks and buy a Guild House. To the vice leader all the commands above can also be used except expel a player and create/delete positions, besides not being able to change the leader's Guild nick.

In the Guild house the Guild can decorate and divide the rooms in any way they want, in addition they are all equipped with a duel arena and a depot. Each and every member of the Guild can enter it as long as the front door is open, however doors of the other rooms can be programmed so that only desired people can open and close, so only they would enter the rooms.

The guild can have only ONE guild house and all cities in the game have a guild house, if the guild wants to acquire one that is empty, the leader is the one who must make the purchase, if any guild is already in the house this cannot be purchased without negotiation between the parties.

PSoul - Pokémon MMORPG

Meet the guilds of the immense world of Pokémon PSoul. Join and discover new friendships.

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