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In Psoul, an MMORPG based on the Pokémon franchise, the player can train their Pokémon until they are strong enough to participate in the various daily tournaments present in the game.

Tournaments are divided into categories and within them there are limitations on which Pokémon can be used. The Titan tournament allows Pokémon in the level 80 to 100 range to be used, the academy tournament allows Pokémon in the level x to y range to be used, the mastery tournament limits players to using only Pokémon from their respective masterys, and finally, the Epic tournament delivers a completely random team to all participants.

To participate in a tournament, simply register with the npc such present in the trade center between the duel arenas. This registration will cost the player an amount. Also, pay attention to the tournament announcements sent globally to all players, in this announcement it is possible to see the time of the tournament and also its category.

All tournament participants receive tokens that can be exchanged for items with the npc present in the trade center, as the player wins within the tournament he accumulates more tokens.

No game site it is possible to have information on who were the last champions of each tournament category in addition to the most used Pokémon in each of them. It is also possible to check the date on which the tournament took place, however, the old information disappears as new tournaments are held.

To access this information, just enter the Psoul website go in the community tab and then click on tournaments.

Evolve your Pokémon, customize the moveset of each one of them using the mechanics available in the game and come and play in tournaments against the best players in each of the categories!

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