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Patch Notes 3.4 - Pokémon Cage2022/09/26 03:24:11
Patch Notes 3.4 - Pokémon Cage


  • Changes the drop from Love Plate to Sky Plate from Gligar;
  • Fixed Gastrodon body;
  • Change Darkest Lariat move range to 6 SQM;
  • Optimized the Cut and Dig script (performance only);
  • Added new Pokémon Cage system;
    • It is now possible to hold Pokémon in Hunt without the risk of taking KS.
  • Fixed Saori addon for Jynx in Shop;
  • Removed Raichu statue from shop;
  • Removed Market Fee;
  • Corrected English description of Giga Impact;
  • Fixed move Reflect description;
  • Fixed description of move Light Screen;
  • Fixed Luffy addon for Shiny Smeargle;
  • Fixed Blink cooldown time for Mastery Zen;
  • Added animation when talking to Nurse Joy;
  • Added option to edit Death Note text;
  • Added Ride and Shiny version to Aggron's Royal Armor addon;
  • Removed % flinch from Shadow Claw move;
  • Changes Power Gem move to 3x3 area;
  • Added new /emote options 1-25;


  • Remake of Cage Item;
  • Remake of Fisherman's outfit;
  • Magnezone Remake;
  • Remake of Aggron and Mega Aggron addons;
  • Fixed and aligned to the height of all outfits in the game;
  • Remake of the beach chairs;
  • Change the sprite of Alolan Marowak;
  • Corrected Shiny Alolan Marowak color;
  • Remake of Ranger Club NPC outfit;


- Gardevoir:

  • Removed learning from Light Screen via TM.
- Togekiss:
  • Removed Nasty plot via Egg Move.
  • Removed Nasty plot learning via TM.
  • Removed learning from Psych Up via TM.
  • Removed Work Up learning via TM.
  • Removed learning from Ominous Wind via TM.
  • Removed learning from Silver Wind via TM.
- Magnezone:
  • Altered Electric Terrain from Egg move by Sonic Boom.
  • Removed learning from Electric Terrain via TM.
- Lickitung:
  • Removed screech from egg move.
- Hippowdon:
  • Changes Rock Throw from lv.5 by Sand Tomb.
  • Changes Rock Tomb from lv.15 by Mud Slap.
  • Removed Stone Edge from egg move.
  • Removed Stone Edge learning via TM.
- Toxicroak:
  • Change Revenge from Lv.55 by Poison Fang.
  • Removed Learning Sword Dance via TM.
- Ambipom:
  • Altered Screech from Lv.50 by Pin Missile.
- Kabutops:
  • Removed Aurora beam via EM.
  • Removed Foresight via EM.
  • Removed Giga drain via EM.
  • Removed Icy Wind via EM.
  • Removed Screech via EM.
  • Removed Dig learning via TM.

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