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Patch Notes 3.7.5 - Halloween Event2022/10/14 08:07:35
Patch Notes 3.7.5 - Halloween Event


  • Added Halloween Event;
  • The second part of the Sinnoh Main Quest has been released;
  • Access to Sinnoh Underground released;
  • Fixed Protean skill;
  • Fixed Color Change skill;
  • Easier to obtain Shiny Unown (1/400);
  • Fixed small bug on Twitch NPC.
  • Added new Pokemon to the game;
  • Fixed Alola Pokedex;
  • Added 20 new Addons;
  • Added over 50 new items;
  • Added 12 new Outfits;
  • Added 32 new Ball Paint Tickets.


  • Added Halloween theme in TC;
  • Added new Tavern in the basement of the TC;
  • Added Berry Plantations in Floaroma and Pastoria;
  • Added new Onix spots in the Fairchild basement;
  • Added new hunting spots for Gastly, Haunter lv 35-45 and Gengar in the basement of Celadon;
  • Added new spots at Mauville power plant;
  • Improved Bronzong rotation in Oreburgh.

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